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Vanuatu is one of the few countries that has remained COVID free throughout the entire Global pandemic.


In addition to our fresh sea breeze all Villas are stand alone with no shared facilities. Our open air restaurant and chapel allow for constant flow of fresh air.

In preparation for the re-opening of Vanuatu's borders numerous COVID-19 initiatives have taken place to both enhance our guest experience & reduce risks.   All staff have attended COVID training provided by the Ministry of Health


In accordance with the Ministry of Tourism and Ministry of Health we are  compliant with the new SBO (Safe Business Operations) protocols required for all businesses.  This includes having a dedicated  and trained COVID safety officer and trained team.

Your safety and that of our team is our number one priority.


All Tamanu on the Beach  staff are fully vaccinated and  have received Covid-19 training program which includes social distance, hygiene, personal protective equipment, respiratory cough etiquette, self-isolation and self-monitoring. Multiple Hygiene reminders are set up in hightraffic resort and back of the house areas.  All disinfection product and gels include no less than 60% alcohol


HACCP guidelines to implement good food safety, hygiene, and control the growth of bacteria are viruses. Tableware cleaned and sanitized daily. Crockery and utensils washed by high temperature dishwasher and additionally sanitized.


Therapist wears face masks during their duties. Disinfection of the spa is conducted before and after each treatment.


All areas, including back of the house facilities, cleaning and disinfecting shall be continual with emphasis on frequent contact surfaces but not limited to check in, dining and seating areas, but also handrails, bathrooms, mini bar, door handles, light switches, water faucets, room keys, remote controls and other frequent touch areas.


Rooms are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized between guests with emphasis on high touch area disinfecting.

The frequency of room cleaning for inhouse guests  maybe altered based on guest requirements.



Sanitizing gels stations are located at the entrance of our restaurant and available on your table.  Dining tables and chairs are sanitized frequently throughout the day.


All times staff and guests are encouraged to practice physical distancing from other groups of people not traveling with them. At restaurant seating shall allow at least  1,5M of separation between groups of guests.


All linens, towels, uniforms cleaned by in house laundry. Implementation of international health and safety standards with infection control monitoring system


Our drivers have all received training. Buses are cleaned after each trip and sanitizer is available in each bus


As health and wellbeing of everyone takes centerstage, our Covid-19 guidelines maybe reviewed from time to time. 

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