Tamanu's relaxed, casually elegant style is complimented by its sun drenched beach and commitment to the rich organic nature of Vanuatu. It is a special place where sometimes the best thing to do is nothing.....


Vanuatu is one of the last remaining, unspoilt, safe paradises on earth. It is an archipelago of 83 islands with Port Vila, the capital, which is located on a magnificent harbour on Efate Island where the cruise ships dock on their South Pacific cruises.

Formerly known as the New Hebrides, Vanuatu was an Anglo-French condominium from 1906 until independence in 1980 when it became a self- governing republic and a member of the commonwealth.

The ni-Vanuatu people, a friendly Melanesian race, dominate the population of approximately 220,000, which includes French, British, Australian, New Zealand, Chinese and other Pacific Island races. Whilst Bislama (a pidgeon style of English and French) is the national language, English and French are widely spoken in addition to over 110 languages. Traditional culture is very important to the ni-Vanuatu people and they maintain their rich history and unique culture whilst giving a warm welcome to all.

With direct flights from Brisbane (2.5hours), Sydney (3.5hours) and Melbourne (4hours) in Australia and direct flights from Auckland (3hours) in New Zealand, Port Vila is only a few hours away and yet it feels like stepping back in time to a place long forgotten. Nothing in Vanuatu is rushed or stressful.

With breath taking scenery, world famous diving, snorkelling and swimming in crystal clear waters, Vanuatu is fast becoming a haven for overseas travellers. Temperatures in summer (November to April) reach the tropical 30os and in winter (June, July, August) the average is 23o, making the climate balmy and sensuous with days lingering on languidly to be finished with magnificent sunsets and cocktails.

Vanuatu is one hour ahead of Australian Eastern Standard Time.