Tamanu's relaxed, casually elegant style is complimented by its sun drenched beach and commitment to the rich organic nature of Vanuatu. It is a special place where sometimes the best thing to do is nothing.....

Tamanu's Vision

Nine years ago Yianni and Diane Demetre travelled to Vanuatu for their first wedding anniversary where friends booked them into Vanuatu's most unique beachfront boutique resort; Tamanu on the Beach. Arriving at night, Yianni and Diane couldn't see much of the resort but were delighted at the quaint hand made coral cottage in which they got a perfectly restful sleep as the sound of the waves seemingly lapped just outside their doorstep.

In the morning as they swung open the doors, the breathtaking untouched beauty of Tamanu surrounded them in all directions. And as if on cue, Yianni and Diane both turned to each other and in unison exclaimed, "Wouldn't you like to own this!" This was the beginning of their love affair with Vanuatu and with Tamanu on the Beach.

Over the next seven years, they invested and developed a number of properties in Vanuatu until in 2010 Tamanu on the Beach unexpectedly came onto the market. The resort had fallen into disrepair and proved an opportunity they couldn't resist. So their dream came true…. Yianni and Diane purchased their little slice of heaven on earth and now want to share it with you and as many people as they can.

As successful Australian business owners, their vision is 'For Quality and Excellence in Vanuatu'; not only in offering the most authentic, organic South Pacific experience delivered with seamless, professional service but also to contribute to the development of the on-site staff community of 10 families, many of whom have worked and lived at Tamanu for over a decade.